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Dimitris Bompolas

Composer, Script, Director

He was born in Thessaloniki in 1985 and he has been playing music since very young. At the age of 10 he started playing trumpet in a local philharmonic orchestra. Meanwhile he started learning accordion. Till the age of 12 his was not under any musical influence, till he started listening Greek Rock music (Trypes)

which was on its top during 90's. In 1999 was his first taste of Metal music and he was obsessed by the powerful riffs of Iced Earth and the fantasy melodic concept of Blind Guardian. He studied Aircraft Engineering and he has been working in Aviation since 2006. However, music is always a huge part of his life. He has explored a very wide range of music genres including Symphonic - Epic Metal, Classical Music, Classic Opera, Gospel and Church Music, Folk Music around the world and Epic Cinematic Music. He is a big fun of Epic Fantasy movies as well (Lord of the Rings). In 2009 he started learning Violoncello and since then he has been a member of many different bands, choirs and orchestras.

His music creations started in 2006 when he released his first album "Dragon's Lament for a Visionary Lust" with his band Valsharress. After that he has been working on making cover music by playing metal songs in acoustic versions or by playing acoustic, folk songs in metal version. After 2012 he started creating again his own music, which is more in epic cinematic style.

The Epic Fantasy Opera is a combination of some of his old songs and many new pieces of music, combined with a whole new fantasy story.










The Mixing and Mastering of the Epic Fantasy Opera and the Sky Diamonds Audiobook is done by Dimitris Karagaslis and Audiolab Studio, in Larisa, Greece.






Achilles Adamidis

Sound Engineering

Achilles worked on the instrument libraries and sound production of the Epic Fantasy Opera. He is a music composer from Thessaloniki, Greece, with experience into scoring for film, video games and media Session keyboardist with 8 years of experience in the rock / metal scene. He specializes in Composition, Arrangement, Orchestration, Audio Production, Score Preparation, Audio & Midi Editing and has collaborated with professional musicians (Bob Katsionis, George Kollias, Jim Mutilator, Costa Varra) and bands from the Greek metal scene as a keyboard player (Silent Winter, Darkest Oath, Crown's Sigil). He has also worked on Score & Sound Design for 3D animated short film (The Traveller - 2019) and for web series episode (Oh my Gosh! | Naughty Bits - 2020).

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