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The Battle of the Dragons


Once upon a time, thousands of years ago, dragons lived on this Earth. They were gifted and wise creatures and keepers of balance and justice among all creatures on Earth.


One night the flames of a falling star lit up the sky like it was day. The dragons realized the world would be doomed, so they spread their wings and flew high into the flaming sky. They gathered their cold breaths together and blew hard against the flaming star. They managed to freeze it and the frozen star broke into thousands of tiny pieces which fell to the ground and looked like gleaming diamonds. They made the world sparkle in the moonlight.  


One day a dragon discovered that the star-diamonds had magic powers. He had started to gather them up and noticed that the more he gathered the more powerful he became. His greediness took over him, he wanted to collect them all and be the most powerful dragon in the world. One day, he saw a fairy playing with one of them and worried she would discover their secret power; he killed the fairy and took it from her! The fairy’s death made the other dragons realize that the greedy dragon was becoming dangerous and they had to stop him.



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