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The Epic Fantasy Opera is the musical version of two fairy tales, that belong in the book "The Sky Diamonds" by Dimitris Bompolas, published by Pigi Pupblications (July 2022) both in Greek and in English language. The first part of the opera is titled "The Battle of the Dragons" and the second part is titled "The Fairy and the Wolf", as per the two chapters of the Sky Diamonds book.

The Greek book is available in Pigi Publications website, in the following link:

and also in all bookstores and online Platforms in Greece and Cyprus.

Greek Audiobook Available Now on Youtube

With voice acting, sound effects and original soundtrack from the Epic Fantasy Opera

The English book is available as E-book in the following links:


Both Ebook and Hard Copy available here:


The first inspiration for the Epic Fantasy Opera came from the homonymous symphonic metal song "The Fairy and the Wolf" by Dimitris Bompolas, featuring Ranthiel Soprano, Felipe Grüber (guitar) and Nick D'Adamo (drums).

A whole new fantasy world, full of fantasy creatures and the epic story of many astonishing characters, is open to be explored through the atmospheric music and the breathtaking performances of the singers or the voice actors.  

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English Cover.jpg
Η μάχη των Δράκων Ετικέτα.jpg
Η Νεράιδα και ο Λύκος Ετικέτα.jpg
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